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A doula is an individual who provides emotional, physical and mental support during pregnancy, child birth and the postpartum period.

Short term benefits of having a Doula

• 50% less chance of having a caesarean section 

• Decreases the need for pain medication

• Decreases the need for an epidural by 60%

• Reduces the need for synthetic oxytocin by 40%

• Reduces the length of labour by 25%

• Increases success in breastfeeding

Long-term benefits of having a doula

• The benefits of doula support do not end after the labour and birth. 

• Better attachment and bonding between mother and baby

• Reduced need for medical intervention

• Reduced incidence of postpartum depression

• Improved mother and baby wellbeing

• Positive feelings about labour and birth

As your Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth, present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion.


If you would like to work with me as your Doula, I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labour, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

My doula services are available in Wimbledon, Clapham, Putney, Barnes, East Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond areas.  

Prenatal Visits

Antenatal Doula Support 

The power of a birth plan isn’t in the actual plan. It’s the process of becoming educated about your options. During the antenatal period, I will have two (or more) antenatal meetings with you (and your partner) at your home.


We will: 

• Discuss your hopes for your birth

• Explore any concerns or fears you may have

• Discuss the birth plan that you want

• Create a plan for self-love and me-time

• Explore yoga and meditation 

• Explore evidence-based information


You also get: 

• Contact by phone or email throughout your pregnancy

• I’ll be on-call 24/7 from 38 weeks of pregnancy 

Birth Doula Support

I am there to support and protect your wishes and choices, keep you informed and make you feel safe. 

For the birth, I will: 

• Provide emotional and mental support

• Hold the space for you

• Remind you of your inner strength, mental abilities and the power of your breath

• Guide you to make informed decisions should circumstances change suddenly

• Be by your side the entire time

Postpartum Support

I can visit you one, two, three or four times a week for as long as you need me in the first six weeks of having your baby home. I also offer 6-10 weeks of postnatal support via phone and email. 


• Together, we can debrief the birth and work through any emotions you may be holding onto

• Should you need any medical support, I will find suitable help and arrange appointments

• I can be an extra pair of hands by taking care of your baby and allowing you time to rest

• Breastfeeding support

Video Services

I also provide all the above doula services over video. If you have to travel and need support I'm only ever a video call away.

"I believe that every woman has the right to feel supported throughout her journey to motherhood. And every woman has the right to give birth with dignity, respect and kindness"